Ethereum Yearly Returns

Examining the historical annual returns on investments in Ethereum.

Ethereum’s yearly returns have been fantastic. It benefits from being the first crypto commodity in the crypto space. It tapped into consumers’ needs so much that it enjoys well established brand recognition. As a result it became the industry standard.

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Ethereum yearly returns

YearPercentage gain

Source CoinMarketCap

The average Ethereum yearly return is 1517%. If you had bought just $300 worth of Ethereum in 2015 for $0.75 each you would be a millionaire today.

There is a lot of competition now within the crypto commodity space. However Ethereum will likely not go anywhere any time soon. In fact it is getting more popular by time.

This is partly because the future of Ethereum is still looking promising. There may be some issues on the platform, especially due to high gas fees. However there is a lot of development being done on the platform.

Developments on Ethereum include the development of the NFT space, DeFi and the Ethereum 2.0 upgrade. You can look at what are NFTs and what is DeFi if you need more information.

DeFi as a feature on its own has gotten a lot of interest. As of 18th October 2021 there is $95billion locked in Ethereum DeFi projects. In comparison there was only $4 locked in DeFi when it first started in mid 2017.

On the other hand Ethereum 2.0 is a group of interconnected upgrades. They should make Ethereum more valuable because it will be more secure, sustainable and be able to scale. Scaling is a really important feature because gas fees will be brought down. Additionally Ethereum will support thousands of transactions per second instead of 15.

The team at Ethereum are ensuring that Ethereum keeps developing and evolving to handle growing demand.