The Great Reset

What is meant by The Great Reset and how will it affect you?

What is the Great Reset?

There has been a lot of talk about The Great Reset from the World Economic Forum (WEF). The WEF is an organisation that holds an annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland. But what is The Great Reset and how will it impact you?

The WEF released a video and have an article on their website showing how the world will change by 2030. You can watch the original video at the bottom of the 8 predictions of the world in 2030 page. The written points on the page are not in the same order as the ones on the video.

If you consider that 2030 is not that far away there are some big changes to come. The main points in The Great Reset video are:

  1. You will own nothing and be happy
  2. The US will not be the leading superpower
  3. Organs will be printed so you will not die waiting for an organ donor
  4. Meat will be an occasional treat and not a staple
  5. We will have to welcome and integrate a billion refugees displaced as a result of climate change
  6. A global price on carbon to attempt to make fossil fuels history
  7. You could be preparing to go to Mars
  8. Western democratic values will be pushed to their limits

Of course these are predictions and may not necessarily come to fruition. Whether it is in full or in part, especially given the time frame. However it is likely that most of these points will happen. Most especially those that institutions have control over.

How The Great Reset will Impact You

Some points will directly or indirectly impact you. Unfortunately the second point is likely not going to happen without a war. We wrote about it in the article Bitcoin, gold and war.

However what has gotten the most attention is the first prediction: you will own nothing and be happy.

You will Own Nothing and be Happy

What is the problem?

People from both the left and right sides of the political spectrum take issue with this. They agree that we are moving towards a two-tier society. Society will be split between the haves and have nots. Even more so than it is now.

A large portion of the population will be renting everything they need. This would include not only property, but cars, appliances, tools and clothes. You can read it directly from the content link provided earlier and other resources on the WEF website.

It is hard to imagine how the world could change this drastically over such a short period.

The problem is if you don’t own property or items, someone else does. That would mean that those same people that own everything now will own even more. These include the members of the WEF itself.

Quite a few people have mentioned the word feudalism, it is not hard to understand why. Back in the days the lords and ladies owned the lands. The serfs would live on the land and work the land. Unfortunately the serfs did not get good remuneration for their work. You can expect this to be the case with The Great Reset.

Capitalism is out the window

It is clear to most that capitalism with The Great Reset will be out the window in future. However people don’t realise is that capitalism was out the window a long time ago.

Globalists have rigged the system in their favour. They slowly eroded capitalist and democratic principles. As a result we have not had true capitalism for decades.

The elite first started by taking a leaf out of Lenin’s ideology by debasing the currency. Lenin himself is said to have said ‘The best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency’.

Governments and central banks have been debasing or inflating their currencies for decades. You can read the article what is inflation to find out more.

In fact the WEF has an article called does capitalism need some Marxism to survive the fourth industrial revolution. (The fourth industrial revolution is tied with The Great Reset.) It is very much a continuation of Marxist principles to bring down the west.

From the many things mentioned in this article is a basic monthly salary to all citizens. This is called UBI or basic universal income. Although it sounds great, it is disastrous. You might be happy with this income at first. However it is a fantastic way to cause inflation. This will happen to the point where the UBI you receive won’t be enough to sustain you. So it will take ever increasing amounts of UBI to make ends meat.

Moreover Marxism was never tied to prosperity by any means. Although it is meant to create a fair world, it does not generate as much wealth as capitalism.

Adding another type of ‘ism’

Klaus Schwab is the founder and executive chairman for the WEF. In the book he wrote with Thierry Malleret for The Great Reset he calls for ‘global governance’.

To clarify, he also wants more cooperation between private and public sectors. Last I checked the merger of state and corporate power is called fascism.

What else will happen?

Democracy is likely out the window too. The idea of a country having sovereignty is going to be pushed aside. The central banks are already controlled by the IMF which is a transnational organisation that serves globalists.

The IMF is not a democratic organisation, no members of the organisation have been elected. They have been slowly been granting themselves more and more power. They already helped to get 130 countries to back a 15% global minimum tax for corporations. It is likely that in future we will pay all taxes to the IMF.

Will the WEF Solve any Problems?

Naomi Klein has studied corporations and capitalism for a long time. I do not agree with all her views, but we do share some viewpoints. She has written an article called The Great Reset conspiracy smoothie on the Intercept and says:  

‘…like the WEF’s earlier big themes, The Great Reset is not a serious effort to actually solve the crisis it describes. On the contrary, it is an attempt to create a plausible impression that huge winners in this system are on the verge of voluntarily setting greed aside to get serious about solving the raging crises that are radically destabilising our world.’

How to avoid The Great Reset

There are several things you could do to avoid The Great Reset. However it would depend on how far you want to go. Note that this is only discussing what others do and is not to be considered as financial advice. It is solely for informational purposes only.

Some people that have gone so far as getting a second passport and moving country. They did this mainly to avoid their freedom being compromised.

Especially considering that the west is moving towards mass surveillance and biometric tracking. In fact they seek out countries that allow them to be free and that are more in line with their values.

Moreover they want to escape large cities and countries which could end up in chaos during The Great Reset. Usually the countries they move to are mostly off the radar like for example Mexico.

Some don’t move, but seek out homes in remote areas in their home countries. Here they can farm their own crops and be self-sufficient within a supportive, like minded community.

Moving is not the only thing these people do to offset the effects of The Great Reset. They usually are contrarian investors and believe that there is going to be high inflation or hyperinflation. In fact if you will own nothing and be happy by 2030 this is the scenario to enable that outcome.

Their theory is panning out so far, especially with the higher prices we have been experiencing. Institutions also admitted there is transitory hyperinflation. Later they admitted there is permanent inflation.

These investors buttress their portfolios with assets that will whether the storm. You can have a look at what they invest in by reading how to protect yourself against inflation.