NFT stats

Here are some NFT statistics that will show you the extent of how much this space is flourishing. Including data on cryptos, marketplaces, tokens, prices and tokens.

Here are some NFT statistics that will show you the extent of how much this space is flourishing. Including data on cryptos, marketplaces, tokens, prices and more.

The space has seen a great influx of artists, collectors and investors. They have come onboard to form a community that is driving the space forward. As a result the popularity of NFTs has been increasing steadily. In 2021 the space has grown significantly more and demand is not showing any signs of decline.

As of 11th November 15,678 NFTs were sold within 24 hours which amounted to a trading volume of $44.56 million.

Sourced from NFT Stats on 11th November.

Here are some notable statistics we cover in this article:

  • OpenSea total sales account for 59% of the NFT marketplace, Axie Infinity takes 18% and CryptoPunks take up 9%. (DappRadar)
  • OpenSea had 194% growth of all time sales between August and November 2021. (MarketWatch and CoinTelegraph)
  • Cryptos used to buy NFT’s: 70% Ether and 18% Ronin amongst others (DappRadar
  • Collectable NFTs account for 58% of all tokens minted (
  • Art NFTs are 5% of the total amount of NFTs minted. However they account for 22% of the total sales amount. (

NFT Stats: Overall Market

On the 9th November 2021 there has been $17.5 billion all time sales according to DappRadar .

On that same day Open Sea made headlines because it made $10 billion in sales. Here is an article on CoinTelegraph on how OpenSea extends NFT dominance with $10 billion cumulative volume. Considering OpenSea was founded in 2017 that is astounding. Certainly it is a testament to the extent of the popularity of the space.

Even though NFTs are popular they are all the rage this year. They are experiencing a sudden boom in demand. In fact back in August OpenSea had $3.4 billion worth of sales according to MarketWatch. That is a percentage gain of 194% over 3 months.

To clarify OpenSea is not the only marketplace to experience this boom. It is happening across all market places. Another for example is NBA Top Shot which in February 2021 registered $230 million in sales. In November it registered $727 million. That is a gain of 216%.

Out of all the NFT marketplaces OpenSea is by far the most popular. As you can see in the pie chart below.

Top NFT Marketplaces


OpenSea sales value account for 59% of the total NFT marketplace. It is closely followed by Axie Infinity with 18% and CryptoPunks taking up 9%. All other NFT maketplaces make up 14% of the total pie.

Most other platforms still make sizable sale amounts. However since the space is becoming increasing valuable they barely make a dent in the overall value.

There are 39 NFT marketplaces listed on DappRadar and most made millions in sales. The smallest and least popular marketplaces collectively sold around $900K worth of NFTs. This includes 7 marketplaces: Venly, Starly, CryptoSlam, Myth, NFTKEY, and Waxstash.

The marketplace that comes in the 32nd spot is, Sign Art which made $1.2 million. All other marketplaces make more than that. For new businesses this is really good business.

Additional Marketplaces

Nifty Gateway is not included in the DappRadar data as are other marketplaces. However Nifty Gateway is still a sizable NFT marketplace which has sold millions worth of NFT art.

According to the data on Statista, Nifty Gateway made a total $303.8 million in sales. This is from the period between May 2020 until April 2021. If we update the total sales value to reflect this figure, Nifty Gateway makes up 1.7% of the total sales. This is even if we don’t have the updated data for Nifty Gateway.

NFT Stats: Cryptos


NFT’s sold are mostly sold in Ether. That is to say $12.3 billion worth of Ether was used to buy NFTs. Ronin was next at $3 billion, Flow at $726.8 million, Solana at $631.5 million.

Moreover there are other cryptos being used to buy NFTs which only make up 4% of the total sales value. These cryptos are Avalanche, BSC, Polygon, Tezos, Tron, Wax and Waves.


As expected users on OpenSea use up the majority of the Ether used to purchase NFTs. On the other hand Axie Infinity is the only marketplace to use a combination of Ether and Ronin. However on Axie Infinity most purchases were made with Ronin.

NFT Stats: Types of NFTs

The NFT space is split by different types of NFTs. These are:

  • Collectibles
  • Games
  • Metaverse
  • Art
  • Utility
  • DeFi

There are not that many DeFi related NFTs. As a result of the numbers being rounded up on the pie chart, DeFi is not visible. It was only 0.02% of the total amount which is a minuscule value.

NFT Stats: Tokens Minted

On the other hand if we look at tokens minted we can see the value of each category of NFT.


Collectibles are by far the most popular types of NFTs. Collectibles would include for example the Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks and CryptoKitties. They amounted to $4.8 Billion out of a total $7.2 billion sales. As a result that is 66.76% of the total all time sales percentage value.

The amount of tokens minted as collectables also has the most numerous percentage value. It is around 58%. DeFi tokens only amounted to 0.03% of the total amount of tokens minted. The amount of DeFi minted NFTs was so small it is not visible in the pie chart.

What is noteworthy is that art tokens minted is quite low at 5%. However it has the next largest amount of percentage sales at 22%. Art NFTs on their own generated $1.6 billion in sales.

NFT Stats: Average Prices

As of 9th November there are 11 out of 39 marketplaces selling NFTs for an average price $1K or more. The marketplaces have a mix of different types of NFTs.

MarketplaceAverage Price
Solana Monkey Business$14,300
Waves Ducks$1,910

OpenSea comes just after Rarible with an average NFT price of $873. The 28 other marketplaces had more reasonably priced average prices. So although this article is focusing on the larger values there are a lot of affordable NFTs available to buy.  


Not all art NFTs are reasonably priced.

There are some artists that skew the values of NFT averages upwards. The king of the space is Beeple who’s real name is Mike Winklemann. However Beeple has used Nifty Gateway which is not listed in the statistics in this page.

Beeple’s top selling NFTs:

Other notable mentions include:

NFT stats: CryptoPunks

Similarly to art there are some CryptoPunks that have sold for much more than the average price. More rare CryptoPunks sell for millions.

Here are the most expensive Cryptopunks of all time according to DappRadar’s CryptoPunks informational page:

  • #9998 – $529,770,000,
  • #7804 – $7,560,000,
  • #3100 – $7,510,000,
  • #8857 – $6,640,000,
  • #5217 – $5,440,000,
  • #7252 – $5,330,000,
  • #6275 – $5,110,000,
  • #2338 – $4,350,000,
  • #6275 – $3,900,000,
  • #2140 – $3,750,000 and
  • #8888 – $2,870,000

Most CryptoPunks sell nowhere near the million dollar amounts listed here. They may even sell for cents on the dollar. However not very many sell for such small amounts, but there are a huge range of sold prices.