Real Vision Crypto Content and Video


Real Vision gives you an insiders look at the financial world as a whole. They do not just focus on cryptocurrency, but markets in general. As a result they provide an overview of what is going on. Real Vision is a paid subscription service. However they also have Real Vision Crypto which is free video content you can sign up for.

The Real Vision team is made up of several well-known and experienced investors with a proven track record. Their business model is based on providing exclusive, video interviews for you to gain as much insight as possible. Real Vision aims to disrupt traditional financial media.

Real Vision also provides documentaries, live strategy calls, research and analysis. Interviews feature the various team members giving their views. Additionally they also invite other investors for interviews.  

The company prides itself on giving access to:

  • Free membership to Real Vision Crypto
  • Paid competitive subscription cost for insights in other financial markets
  • The best and brightest names in finance
  • No agenda or editorial bias
  • Guests are free to say what they think

For market insights other than crypto you can sign up for a paid subscription to Real Vision.

Who is behind Real Vision

Real Vision has a team of 60 people apart from the 4 business founders. Staff members all support the business in different ways. They have different roles that are not just focused on investing. The roles include journalists, content writers, editors, designers, producers and others.

The founders

Raoul Pal

CEO & Co-Founder
Roaul Pal is a famous macro investor with an impressive career. He is an astute technical analyst good at investment and risk management strategy. Roaul managed client money so well he was able to retire at age 36. His estimated net worth as of 2021 is around $45 million.

He worked for a number of high profile companies for example:

  • Goldman Sachs co-managing the hedge fund sales in equities and equity derivatives in Europe
  • GLG Global Macro Fund for GLG partners which is one of the largest hedge funds
  • Natwest markets
  • HSBC

Damian Horner

Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder
Damian has won multiple strategic creative rewards for his past work. Additionally he was featured in the top 100 most influential people in media by Campaign magazine. Now he is in charge of the creative vision for the Real Vision branding.

Grant Williams

Grant is a visionary investor that has over 35 years of experience in the financial industry. Additionally he is also the author and publisher of Things That Make You Go Hmmm (TTMYGH). TTMYGH is a financial research newsletter that breaks down complex financial markets while at the same time highlighting market opportunities.

Grant’s most notable roles were at:

  • Vulpes Investment Management firstly as a portfolio manager and later as an advisor.
  • BTIG, credit Suisse and UBS as a director

Remi Tetot

Remi is a Harvard Business School graduate with experience in a number of different disciplines. He worked in financial services as an experienced analyst. Moreover he is skilled at business development, product development, design strategy and tech strategy. Remi also works with Global Macro Investor which is another business owned by Raoul Pal.

What you get with Real Vision Crypto

Real Vision Crypto believe that crypto is a digital revolution that will shape our future and the future of money. Like all other crypto investors, Real Vision believe currencies are being inflated and cryptocurrency will safeguard your wealth.

Real Vision founders have principles and want to help ordinary people take part in the wealth-creation opportunity of this generation by buying and investing in crypto. For this reason you will have free access to:

  • Interviews and content from the best finance and crypto minds. This includes Etheruem creator Vitalik Buterin, Michael Saylor, Caitlin Long and Anthony Pompliano.
  • 5+ weekly interviews
  • 140+ hours of past content to watch

Why Real Vision Got Started Up

The founders of Real Vision noticed there was a need to open up the financial industry. This would entail providing quality content and insights to a wider audience of investors. In other words information should not be shared just with market experts. Information should be made easily available to others and learning about crypto available to everyone.

In short this is a job the media is meant to be doing, but failed abysmally. Most importantly it failed in that critical moment when there was the financial crash in 2008. Only a select few knew there was going to be a financial crisis in 2008 because the media was silent. As a result because they had no warning a lot of ordinary people got hurt financially.

Real Vision was created with this in mind. The founders want everyday people to have access to timely and important market insights. Like this clients can adjust and make arrangements accordingly to safe guard themselves and their portfolios.

Is Real Vision Crypto any Good?

The team is great and it is really impressive that they have so many team members. The best part about it is that the crypto content is free. However you do have to pay for a subscription if you want to get access to other market content.

Raoul Pal was one of the people that thought people should know about the 2008 recession. He is a nice guy and Real Vision Crypto is creating a lot of good content. However Real Vision does not have a comprehensive crypto oriented team.

In fact Raoul mentioned a few different coins apart from Bitcoin. Unfortunately one of these coins was Luna which lost 100% of its value over 3 days. Investors lost millions and billions of money because of the Luna saga.

Real Vision Crypto Raoul Luna
Raoul Pal mentioning Luna – Twitter

In fairness to Roaul he did mention that Bitcoin and Ethereum are more shore bets. Moreover that all other cryptocurrencies are speculations. However if Real Vision had a proper dedicated crypto team Raoul would not have mentioned Luna.

Real Vision are good with market technical analysis and they want to make sure you get good information. However they need to set up a good team for crypto to give out better information.

It is one thing to not get price analysis wrong some of the time. At the end of the day no one has a crystal ball. However it is another issue to suggest cryptos that have fundamental flaws. Especially those cryptos that investors should stay well clear from.

On the other hand they do have good investment advice for stocks. You just have to take their crypto advice with a pinch of salt at this stage.


One newsletter and video content you might consider subscribing to is The Crypto Vigilante. These guys never suggested Luna. Additionally they warned their subscribers in March 2022 about Luna. Way before the saga unfolded in May 2022.

This is because The Crypto Vigilante have a dedicated crypto team. They focus on fundamental analysis, technical analysis and operational security. As a result they picked up that Luna could end up in a death-spiral doom loop.

The Crypto Vigilante only suggest the cryptocurrencies they properly analyse. Additionally they are freedom lovers that are into privacy so they suggest privacy coins. You can check out The Crypto Vigilante review here.  

Real Vision Finance Price Plans

As mentioned earlier Real Vision finance has free membership for Real Vision Crypto. However you can opt for one of their subscriptions if you want to have access to traditional financial market information.

Real vision is about democratising the financial world and making important timely information accessible to everyone. Otherwise to have access to this kind of information you would otherwise need to invest at a Hedge fund.

The problem is that hedge funds have minimum investment amounts of at least $100,000 or more. As a result most investors are not able to access this kind of information.

This is why Real Vision is an appealing option for investors. Real Vision has 4 pricing plans:

1. Essential

$239 per year
You get 5 video per week. The videos you will have access to could be interviews, investment ideas, tutorials, presentations, explanations of key concepts and the Real Vision archives. Occasionally you will get some Real Vision Plus content thrown your way which is always a plus.

2. Plus

$599 per year
The Plus plan has everything featured in the Essential plan including in-depth interviews with Q&A sessions. Additionally you will get timely topics covered and written reports and the Investors Masterclass. The Investors Masterclass will show you more detailed information by top investors on their approach to investing.

3. Pro

$3,499 $879 for first quarter
You will get everything in the Essential and Plus plans and access to Macro Insiders. Macro Insiders is an intelligence service that will provide you with updates throughout the month. It would include In Focus reports, Deep-Dives and Flash Updates. You will also have ‘Monthly Insiders Talks’ which features live discussions and Q&A sessions.

4. The blacklist

This is your backstage pass to Real Vision. This pass is for a select few to get exclusive access and the price is not displayed. Hence it is not for everyone. However if you think it is for you, you can click the contact us button on the blacklist card.

Can I get Real Vision for free?

You can get a taster or Real Vision for $1 for 7 days when you sign up to the Essential plan. It will help you get an idea if you would want to continue with your subscription or not. You are able to cancel at any stage during the trial if you do not want to be charged for the yearly subscription.


To sum up Real Vision is a great opportunity for average investors. Most especially for their stocks.

Their crypto content is free, but they do need to improve their crypto research. So even if you do subscribe you should take their crypto suggestions with a pinch of salt.

However you could consider subscribing to The Crypto Vigilante instead for crypto tips. They do have their sights firmly on privacy coins, but they do know what cryptos to stay well clear of.

On Real Vision you could have access to other market content by paid subscription. If you opt for the subscription you will have access to the greatest minds in finance at an affordable price.

Otherwise you would need to resort to using a hedge fund. Hedge funds are far more costly and have a high barrier to entry. As a result most people would not be able to access their services.

With Real Vision you are in charge of investing your money by following the recommendations they make. In our view they are great visionaries that have great market insight in general. If you would like to sign up for the free membership to crypto. Or you can subscribe to take advantage of their trial here by clicking the button in the Essential plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Real Vision?

Real Vision has 4 co-founders:
·      Raoul Pal – famous macro investor
·      Damian Horner – chief creative officer
·      Grant Williams – visionary investor
·      Remi Tetot – business development and analyst

Is Real Vision Crypto Free?

Real Vision Crypto is free. However if you want access to other markets you would need to pay for a subscription.

Who is Raoul Pal?

Raoul Pal is a famous macro investor that had a number of high job positions in reputable banks. He is a technical analyst good at investment and risk management strategy.

Who is the team behind Real Vision?

Apart from the 4 founders Real Vision has another 60 team members. The roles include journalists, content writers, editors, designers, producers and others.