TradingView Review

Professional platform with a vast amount of charts and indicators. Trade 650+ cryptocurrencies with access to big data and 24/7 support.


Professional platform with a vast amount of charts and indicators. Trade 650+ cryptocurrencies with access to big data and 24/7 support.
8.5Expert Score
TradingView Rating

Popular trading platform with vast amount of data and analysis tools.
Trade 650+ cryptocurrencies

Ease of use
Customer support
Value for money
  • Choice of pricing plans
  • Incredible charts and indicators
  • 15m+ monthly users
  • Can be overwhelming for newbies
  • No customer support on free plan

According to TradingView their tools are ‘competition-crushing’. Is this the case though? All this will be covered below in this TradingView review.

Some other benefits offered by the platform:

  • New subscribers get up to $30 of TradingView coins when signing up to a paid plan
  • Different pricing plans to suit all investor types
  • Stacks of informational resources on how to use the platform

TradingView Review: Introduction

This is cloud-based platform with a vast array of charting tools. Trading is made available via the brokers that are linked directly to the platform.

TradingView is popular and used by both beginners and experienced traders alike. It supports a social-networking section with an active community of traders. As a result you can expect them to be supplying trading ideas, analysis, strategies and opinions. You will be able to even view ideas from top traders which is a major plus.

TradingView supports 650+ cryptos. Likewise, it also offers additional markets to trade should you want to expand your options. You can use it to research, chart and trade your preferred cryptos and do much more thanks to the tools available.

TradingView Review: Tools


Screeners are essentially filters that scan and sort crypto, stocks and forex trade options. You can filter the comprehensive list of trading options on TradingView down to pick the trades that are most suitable for you. Multiple filters can be used to tweak the list even more to your liking. You can sort based on market cap, dividend yield, P/E (price/earnings) ratio, most volatile stocks and more.  


Create your personalised watch list for the cryptos or other financial instrument you want to keep track of to make your life easier. You can create multiple watchlists to sort them, for example, having major cryptos like BTC and ETH and another list for smaller market cap cryptocurrencies.  

Trade alerts

You can set up price alerts when the price of a crypto or other financial instruments gets to a certain level. To do this you have to go on a chart and click alert which is next to the clock icon. You will be able to select when you would like to receive the alert and how. You can choose to receive the alert on the platform by playing a sound or via email or SMS. 

Market quotes

This tool shows real-time intraday market quotes. You can have a look at detailed market performance of your selected instrument. This includes the change in value in absolute and also percentage numbers. It will also show you the market high, low, open and close values for you to better analyse the trade.


These interactive HTML5 financial charts have 50+ smart drawing tools and 100k+ technical indicators. You can go into settings to customise the chart. Customisation options include the colours of bars, lines, crosshairs and background and changing font size and much more. If you connect the exchange available to your TradingView account you can opt to show your positions, orders and more.


The social network on TradingView is populated with trading ideas for all markets. The ‘idea’ drop down in the menu has several options. This includes editor’s picks, followed author’s which you can search for and add to your list.

Additionally there are asset classes, harmonic patterns and more. These ideas may or may not be recommended to follow. We encourage you to do your research before you opt into any of the advice supplied. 

If you do not have experience with price patterns then you might want to get some beginners knowledge. Here is an article on how to read chart patterns.

TradingView Review: Screenshot


TradingView Review: Customer Support

While doing this TradingView review we observed that the platform has a handy help centre. It is like an FAQ section which is available to all members. It has a lot of resources and covers every question imaginable. Answers are easy to follow with supporting images to clarify.

Paid subscription members can resort to additional support. You can use their live chat feature which gives you access to customer service representatives. They are on standby 24/7.

The reviews online for TradingView are mixed. Customers really think the tools on TradingView are second to none. There is no doubting that fact. Even non-paying users benefit from the tools available and each chart has everything you need. On the other hand customers complain about customer service.

The main reason is because they do not realise that to access support they need to have a paid account. In fact they perceive customer service to be slow and overall unhelpful.

If you are on a paid account their customer service is responsive and good. They have 550 million unique users who are mostly happy with the platform. In other words TradingView actually get a very small amount of complaints.

TradingView Review: Social Networking

This section has a cool 200K+ trading ideas shared every month. You can check out analysis, strategies and opinions from different traders. You can like posts, share them and comment. Additionally you can connect with other like-minded traders in the chat room.

Moreover if you sign up for a Pro+ or premium account you can create your own chat rooms. You can be constantly plugged in by enabling message notifications. 

TradingView Review: Additional Markets

As mentioned above in this TradingView review it does not just support cryptocurrencies. TradingView offers additional markets you can trade. These are:

  • Currencies
  • Stocks
  • Indices like the S&P sectors
  • Futures
  • Bonds

If you are interested in additional trades other than crypto, you may need to make them outside the platform. This is because TradingView provide the charts and tools. However you need to link to brokers to make trades. To clarify you still use TradingView, however they will get registered with your broker also.

This may seem strange because you could always execute the trades on the brokers themselves. However TradingView has outstanding tools for analytics. It is the reason why traders use TradingView in the first place.

Especially traders that need to draw and annotate on the charts. TradingView also saves your drawings and notes so you can refer to them whenever you need.

In the case of crypto, TradingView has partnered with a number of brokers. As a results you are able to execute trades directly from TradingView itself.

TradingView Review: Brokers

TradingView continually look at expanding their list of brokers. Certainly because they want everything traders need on the platform. However sometimes they drop brokers from their list for various reasons.

They have linked some of the best brokers to their platform. To clarify there are brokers not just for crypto, but also for foreign exchange and stocks.

Some of the Brokers available on their list are:

  • TradeStation for crypto, stocks, futures
  • for spread betting on crypto, stocks and currencies
  • HitBTC for crypto spot trading
  • Gemini for crypto investing or trading
  • Bitstamp for crypto investing or trading
  • Bingbon for crypto spot and derivatives trading
  • Kraken for crypto futures

Note that there are other brokers like for example Ironbeam for future trading and many others. TradingView do not just focus on cryptocurrency. However they have different brokers so that you can trade different financial instruments.

We also should mention in this TradingView review that you might not be able to link particular brokers. This would depend on where you are residing in the world.

To clarify this is because the broker might not offer their services to your country. So you should check beforehand what your options are.

How to place trades

To place trades you would need to open an account directly with the broker. So you would need to go to the brokers platforms. After that you would need to switch back to TradingView.

You will have to login to your TradingView account. Then you will login with the broker directly through the TradingView platform.

Accessing the platform

You can use the browser to access the platform. However it might be better to opt to use TradingView app. You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play and is available for both desktop computer and mobile.

TradingView Review: Security

Additional security can be set up to protect your account. You can do this by two factor authentication via authentication app, via sms or back up codes.

Of course being into cryptocurrency we always recommend you use the best form of security. That means you should avoid using sms authentication and use authentication apps. If TradingView upgrade their authentication to hardware authentication we strongly recommend you set that up.

The popularity of TradingView

This platform is hugely popular and can be verified online on Similarweb. As of 30th April 2021 TradingView’s Global Ranking is 286 as compared to all other sites on the web and ranked 13 in finance and investing category rank. This is impressive to say the least. You can have a look at updated rankings for TradingView on Similarweb here.  

Pricing plans

There are 4 pricing plans you could opt for when you sign up for TradingView. You can choose to pay the subscription monthly or yearly. All paid subscriptions come with a 30day free trial.

Most importantly, there are no hidden fees and the company is not incentivised to make you trade. The way they make the most money is through advertising and subscriptions whether you opt to trade or not. This means that it has very competitive pricing when you look at other professional trading platforms.

Here are the pricing plans:

1. Basic – Free

Would you like to have a look around before you go for a paid subscription? You can sign up for a basic account. This will give you access to charts, 50+ smart drawing tools, 100k+ technical indicators, 12 customisable chart types and backtesting for trading strategies. You will have a lot of free resources, but no access to live chat support.

2. Pro – $14.95 USD per month

Get everything in the basic plan without the ads. It also includes 5 indicators per chart, 2 chart window, 10 alerts, volume profile indicators, custom time intervals, enhanced watchlists and bar replay on intraday bars.

3. Pro+ – $29.95 USD per month

All the benefits of the Pro account and 10 indicators per chart, 4 charts in one layout, 30 alerts, intraday exotic charts, charts based on custom formulas, chart data export and indicators on indicators.

Premium – $59.95 USD per month

Everything that is in the Pro+ and 25 indicators per chart, 8 charts in one layouts, 400 alerts, second based intervals, alerts that don’t expire, 4x data on charts and publishing invite only indicators.

By signing up here and providing you have not had an account before you can receive up to $30 of TradingView coins that can be used towards paid monthly subscriptions.


TradingView was founded in 2011 by Constantine Ivanov, Denis Globa and Stan Bokov. It has grown to include a global team of over 200 employees with offices in New York, London and Russia.

The platform grew more popular when cryptocurrencies were added in 2017. In 2018 the company acquired Series B financing with Insight Partners and in 2019 they acquired TradelT Inc. to continue growing their platform.

TradingView Review Conclusion

To sum up this TradingView review, we feel this platform is top notch. It has built a robust reputation for itself. This is so much so that it has 55o million unique users. It the world’s most popular platform for trading. It has both professional investors who rave about it and it also attracts trading newbies.

The platform has put traders interests over and above all else. The team at TradingView provided all the tools needed for trading effectively. Additionally there are no hidden fees and it has a very active community that have helped to build the platform. The community members also contributed custom scripts for indicators and trading ideas.

Some people have complained about TradingView customer service. However they were not aware that to access 24/7 support you need to have a paid subscription. The majority of people are happy with TradingView.

In conclusion given all of the above we wholeheartedly recommend this platform. It is the best trading platform to use. It is well worth the money you pay for the subscription.

If you would like to see more options you can have a look at other trading platforms.

Supports 650+cryptocurrencies
Stacks of indicators and tools
24/7 chat support for paid members


Is TradingView free?

TradingView is free to sign up and there are many tools that you can use for free. You can opt to sign up for a paid subscription to can get access to more tools and customer service.

Is TradingView a good platform?

TradingView is considered the best trading platform by the majority of traders. Most especially by professional traders. As of September 2021 they had 550 million unique users. Trading View has a large amount of tools to analyse any asset.

Can you buy on TradingView?

You can trade and view your trades on TradingView, but the assets are not held by TradingView. This is because you have to link your TradingView account to a broker. Like for example the Gemini exchange which will hold assets for you.

Is TradingView real-time data?

TradingView provides real-time data anytime and anywhere. The data is linked to different exchanges depending on the market for up to date data. Whether it is for US stock market data or crypto markets.