Bestselling and Recommended Wealth Building Books

Below are some well written wealth building books. They teach their readers on the steps they need to take to become rich. You can never be too young or old to start learning how. Your financial education will benefit your level of success. 

Wealth Building Books

The wealth building books listed here are great to start off reading about personal wealth and finances. They all have a different take on what it takes, but there are some similarities. 

Reading as much as you can will set you up on a secure footing and help you understand the steps you need to take. 

Building wealth starts from your own personal finances. Once you get yourself in check you can go and tackle bigger things and grow.


Rich Dad Poor Dad

By Robert Kiyosaki

Formats available:
Paperback, Audiobook, MP3 CD

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a best-seller and one of the most suggested wealth building books. It talks about personal finances from Kiyosaki’s own learning experience which started from an early age.

He talks about the two most influential people in his life. His own dad who was poor and on the other hand he had his best friends dad who was rich. The two figure had contrasting views about money and draws examples from them.

His poor dad was well educated and earned a good income, but died poor leaving bills behind to pay. Whereas his rich dad never finished the 8th grade, but was very financially literate. He ended up being one of the richest men in Hawaii and left behind vast amounts of assets.

The author makes the point that it does not matter what your income is. That is to say, to become rich you need to follow some basic principles. These same principles are what took Robert Kiyosaki himself from rags to riches.


Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant

By Robert Kiyosaki

Formats available:
Paperback, Audiobook, MP3 CD

Rich dad’s Cashflow Quadrant is about the 4 quadrants. It is a wealth building book that approaches wealth building from a different angle. The quadrants are:


E – employee
S – small business or self employed
B – big business that employs 500+ employees
I – investor

The book is divided into 3 sections. Firstly it talks about the differences between the people in the 4 quadrants. Secondly it talks about changing your mentality and not what you have to do. The third part is designed to help you make the transition to the right side of the quadrant.

Financial freedom can be found in all four quadrants. However quadrants do not guarantee any financial success. Kiyosaki gives insight into his rich dad’s secrets in this wealth building book. This is so you can attain financial success on the right side of the quadrant. As a result it should help set you on the path to financial freedom.


The Millionaire Next Door

By Thomas J. Stanley Ph.D. and William D. Danko Ph.D.

Formats available:
Hardback, Paperback, Kindle, Audiobook

The Millionaire Next Door is about the research done by the authors of the book. They interviewed 500 millionaires and surveyed over 11,000 high net worth and high income individuals. As a result we are able to get a glimpse inside the millionaire world.

The book goes into a lot of detail on how millionaires live so you do the same and become wealthy. However since the book was written in the 90s some things have changed.

Stocks are high and bonds do not provide the rate they once used to. Real estate is expensive now too so you may not want to go through that route just yet. So if you do invest you will need to figure out a different portfolio of investments.

The Millionaire Next Door overall is one of the best wealth building books. This is because it has some good principles and insight into how millionaires think.


Think and Grow Rich

By Napoleon Hill

Formats available:
Hardback, Paperback, Audiobook, Audio CD

Out of the many wealth building books Think and Grow Rich became an instant classic. This book is the culmination of 20 years of meticulous research. The author interviewed 500 entrepreneurs during this period. Additionally he interviewed some of richest and most famous men of that era. Like for example Ford, Carnegie and Rockefeller.

Hill figured out that although these men were from different industries they had some similarities. Most importantly they had similar principles on how to become wealthy. Hill brakes down these principles in his book.

Think and grow rich was translated to over 100 different languages and sold over 120 million copies worldwide. It is one of the best-selling self-help books published in history and the 6th best-selling book of all time.


The Richest Man in Babylon

By George S. Clason

Formats available:
Paperback, Audiobook

This book has sound advice on some common sense principles to becoming wealthy. It is one of the most popular wealth building books. The richest man in Babylon resulted from a bunch of pamphlets that used parables to teach about wealth. Their popularity resulted in them being compiled into this book which was published in 1926.

The teachings use an old style of writing. It is in keeping with the era in which it was set – ancient Babylon.

The fictional story is about a man named Arkad who became the richest man in ancient Babylon. He has a couple of friends who are very good at their chosen fields but are poor.

Arkad tries to help them by narrating parables to them. Each parable contains a lesson about wealth.

Arkad goes through the seven cures for a lean purse and the five laws of gold. They are a set of rules with which the reader should abide by to set him or herself on the path to wealth.


Why the Rich are Getting Richer

By Robert Kiyosaki

Formats available:
Paperback, Audiobook, MP3 CD

A lot of people think they do right by studying, working hard, saving and investing. If they do this they think they will have a good standard of living. However according to this book they are clinging to a fantasy. An onslaught of problems are coming their way which will lead them to financial ruin.

This kind of mentality sets them back and it is why there is a growing divide between rich and poor. The book delves into the approach the rich use to make money. So that you can choose your approach and better yourself. Kiyosaki mentions the tools you need to learn to better your financial position.


Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver

By Michael Maloney

Formats available:
Paperback, Audiobook, MP3 CD

The author is a prominent expert in monetary history, economics, precious metals and wealth cycles. As a result this book is an all-time best-selling book on precious metals investing. It is the result of 6 years of in-depth research and 2 and a half years of writing.

There is 2,400 years of history that proves governments debase their own currency to the point where it becomes worthless. What happens is the population naturally inclines towards assets that maintain their value.

For this reason the guide to investing in gold and silver argues that gold and silver will get revalued. The new valuation will exceed most people’s expectations.

Maloney believes that we are going to witness the greatest wealth transfer in history. If you get in early it will allow you to vastly increase your wealth. It is an opportunity you do not want to miss. You can either sit on the side-lines and be financially ruined or take part in it.

Owning a business is one of the best ways to become financially free. Robert Kiyosaki mentions in the Cashflow Quadrant, that true wealth is found mostly in the business and investor quadrants.

Hence why I am going to list some business books in this wealth building books section. Like this you could get some tips and ideas on how to make your business work.


Blue Ocean Strategy

By W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne

Formats available:
Hardcover, Audiobook, Kindle

Blue Ocean Strategy is a best seller written to help ordinary business people succeed.

Most people end up in businesses that directly compete for a portion of market share. That is to say this is what is referred to as red ocean. Instead business people should seek to operate in blue ocean. Blue ocean is about figuring out uncontested market space. As a result in blue ocean you can capture new demand and flourish.

The book provides a roadmap and framework for people already in business or considering starting a business. A lot of people make the mistake of going into existing industries. Moreover they mimic what their competition does.

The idea is to break free from traditional business competition to create blue ocean. The book provides 6 paths to redefine the market boundaries. Additionally it gives examples and a better solution on how you should approach business.


The Lean Startup

By Eric Ries

Formats available:
Hardcover, Audiobook, MP3 CD

The lean start up is a guide on best practices you should follow when starting your own business. Of course you could always consider buying an established business that is already generating money. Like that you have more of a chance of success. However you should also consider using The Lean Startup principles to continually innovate.

The lean start up is not about shipping finished perfect products from the start. Instead companies create what is known as an MVP or minimum viable product. Like this companies are able to ship the products quickly. Then they measure client feedback and ditch features or add features or improve it. If you follow this methodology your chances of success should improve.

The book goes through the tools you need and explains how to measure success.

How to Get Rich

The wealth building books recommended are not about becoming wealthy through some get rich quick scheme. They are to help cultivate a mindset that will help you determine your way to achieve wealth. Our crypto academy has been created to help you learn how to invest and profit from cryptocurrency.

Wealth is built through hard work and perseverance. You may be able to develop yourself to eventually figure out some quick ways to some good money, but that will come through your experience. The more you are a student of how to become wealthy and are in the field practicing the better you will become.

Why We Want You to be Rich

We would like to see a world were wealth is more equally spread among society which is not mostly dominated by large companies. This starts with financially educating people to make better choices. 

We can offer support by advising on wealth building books and articles on how to build your wealth so that you can take it from there and build on that. We would like people to help themselves build themselves and their businesses should they choose to do so.  

Building businesses is a great way to earn money and spreads wealth among the community. When you earn money you can go and spend it on services that you need or products enriching everyone else that you choose to support.  

Learn How to Make Money as a Kid

Read Wealth Building Books to Jump Start Your Education

The earlier you start with your financial education the better. You will be more likely to make large gains in wealth and succeed spectacularly. 

To give an example Robert Kiyosaki started thinking about becoming rich from an early age. He learned the principles of becoming rich from his mentor which set him up to becoming rich and retire at the age of 47. Kiyosaki is a multimillionaire.  

The lesson to be learned here is that there is no such thing as being too young to start to learn. In fact it’s the opposite, the younger the better.  

Other books

Raoul Pal is a famous hedge fund manager and investor. He says investing in cryptocurrency is the macro play of this era. In fact he even invests his own money into cryptocurrency. It is another way you can consider to build your wealth. If you are new to crypto read this introduction to what is cryptocurrency.

If you would like to read about cryptocurrency you can have a look at our top list of cryptocurrency books.

Wealth Building Books: Frequently Asked Questions

How can I build my wealth in my 20s?

Anytime is a good time to build your wealth. If you want to become wealthy you will need to look at your ideas and habits. You will likely need to make some changes. Here are some books that could inspire your journey:

• Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
• Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki
• Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill

Which book is best for earning money?

If you intend to stay employed then you should figure out how to get the best paying job opportunities. However you will need to do things differently if you want to make money by owning a business. In this case Blue Ocean Strategy and The Lean Startup are perfect books for you.

How much do you need to be rich?

To become rich you need to achieve financial freedom. It is the point at which you have enough investments and savings to have a comfortable lifestyle. This is when you have enough to cover your expenses indefinitely.

How can I get rich in 5 years?

You can become rich in 5 years, but do not get disappointed if you do not. The important thing is that you give it your best shot and continue to achieve your goal. To become wealthy you first need to get some financial education by reading some wealth books. They will help you start your journey on the right foot.