The Paradigm of Money Documentary

Our financial system is corrupt. It is exposed on The Paradigm of Money documentary which has been described as “The Big Short” on steroids.

The Paradigm of Money documentary is an eye opening film and definitely a must watch. I have included it in the ‘fun stuff’ part of the blog. However the documentary is about the state of our monetary system in the West. So it does not paint a rosy picture.

I’m sure Bitcoin maximalists will enjoy this documentary because they are keen to adopt Bitcoin. The documentary provides a good base case for Bitcoin. They understand that the system is corrupt.

However this is a great documentary for everyone in the west because the financial system directly affects us all. Most people do not understand the extent of just how much it does.

Unfortunately, as most of you would know our financial system is very sadly abysmal. The documentary goes through all the issues in the financial system one step at a time. As a result it slowly builds the case on everything that is wrong.

Our financial system is fraudulent. The system benefit the ones at the top and impoverish the rest of us. It does it in a method called the Cantillon Effect.

The documentary is well produced by Peter Antico and Sean Stone. It has 132 minutes of interviews with well-known financial experts. Like for example James Rickards, Danielle DiMartino Booth, Grant Williams, Max Keiser, Lyn Alden and Nomi Prins.

Additionally the documentary has supporting video clips of particular movie references or historic discussions and events. There are a several clips from “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “The Big Short”. In fact The Paradigm of Money is said to be “The Big Short” on steroids.

The Paradigm of Money documentary shows how big banks, central banks, government agencies work together. They cover for each other every time. Even when the system hurts the populations they simply do not care.

Banks get a slap on the wrist with ‘small’ fines. To clarify the fines are nowhere near the profit the institutions made committing the fraud. However no one ever goes to jail for the crimes they commit.

It is like a casino. The best part for them is that they gamble away your money not theirs. They dupe investors into giving them money or they take money from pension funds. On the other hand when the institutions get into trouble they get bailed out with tax payer funds.

I can only write so much on a documentary this long. The documentary goes into much more detail on how the system works. Moreover it mentions where we will likely end up.

There are tough times ahead. However the good thing is that there is always hope and possible solutions. Bitcoin is a really good solution because it separates money from the state. As a result this would be the ideal solution.

You can check out the trailer for the documentary. You can view The Paradigm of Money documentary here.

If you like reading there is a good book called When Money Dies in our crypto books section. This book documents the Weimar Germany hyperinflation. Which is a possible scenario for where our financial system could end up.