Expert Cryptocurrency Advisors

Cryptocurrency is still considered new so as a result there are only a select few crypto expert advisors. Here is a list of the best crypto advisors you can consider. Some are free to follow online and others offer paid advice or asset management. 

Top Cryptocurrency Advisors

The Crypto Vigilante


The Crypto Vigilante provides a fantastic crypto financial newsletter and video market updates. Subscribers get notified of new content via email on a regular basis. Here is what the company has going for it:

  • Their 2021 crypto portfolio return is 86% over 2020
  • Affordable subscription for those that want to actively trade
  • 10+ cryptocurrency suggestions
  • Experienced team members who were early adopters of cryptocurrencies. They first started to suggest to buy Bitcoin at $3 and Ethereum at $2. Their early subscribers are crypto millionaires

Other Crypto Expert Advisors

There are other cryptocurrency advisors you might want to look at.

Incrementum AG

Incrementum AG is a well-known licensed and independent fund and asset management company. They have a number of investment funds including two that contain a mix of crypto and precious metals. Here is what the company has going for it:

  • Incrementum has received many prestigious awards for successfully managing client assets.
  • A member of the Association of Independent Asset Managers (VuVL).
  • A member of the Deposit Guarantee and Investor Compensation Foundation SV (EAS).
  • Funds are designed to gain above average growth over the medium to long term.
  • The mutual funds are a mix of stocks and options actively managed for you.
  • Funds are highly liquid so you can buy and sell quickly.

There are management and performance fees associated with the funds. You can find out more information on the Incrementum website.


PlanB focuses on Bitcoin and has analysed many models to predict Bitcoin’s price. He has had some of the most accurate predictions thus far. Hence why he is one of the most followed cryptocurrency advisors on Twitter. Here is what PlanB has going for him:

  • PlanB’s account on twitter is public and free to follow.
  • He analyses 3 models: the floor model, the stock-to-flow model and the stock-to-flow cross asset model.
  • The floor model nailed August, September, October prices to a tee.
  • He has fleshed out the stock-to-flow model like no one else has done before.

PlanB is very active on only one social media platform which is Twitter. He is one of the best crypto advisors to follow. He tweets graphs and all sorts of information relating to Bitcoin. Additionally this includes price targets for Bitcoin.

Real Vision Crypto


Real Vision gives you an insider’s look at the financial world as a whole. They focus on markets in general on the main area of their website. However they have a dedicated section for cryptocurrency called Real Vision Crypto.

Real Vision do not have a proper dedicated team to properly analyse each individual crypto. As a result their stocks market analysis is better than their crypto analysis. However they do provide a lot of free informational resources.

You should take their crypto investment advice with a grain of salt. Raoul Pal was promoting Luna and it ended up having an epic crash with no recovery.

Here is what you will get with Real Vision:

  • Free membership subscription to Real Vision Crypto
  • You can also opt for the paid subscription for insights of financial markets
  • The platform features the best and brightest names in finance
  • No agenda or editorial bias
  • Guests are free to say what they think

When Will There Be More Crypto Expert Advisors

Cryptocurrency and innovation around it is developing at more of a rapid pace as time goes by. It is supported by a grand amount of crypto adoption. Crypto adoption is growing at an exponential rate and hand in hand with development.

Additionally the price of Bitcoin as well as other cryptoassets has been going up. These different factors are what are driving interest in cryptocurrency. As a result it is bound to also attract more professional advisors into the space.

This is because they need to cater to the new clients who are more mainstream than the original adopters. These new clients prefer to seek out more professional advice.  

In fact a survey conducted by Bitwise Asset Management in January 2020 has found some interesting data showing this trend. They found out that the percentage of advisors allocating crypto into their client portfolios ‘will hit 13% in 2020, up from 6% in 2019’.

The article was called Cryptocurrency Top Of Mind For Growing Number Of Financial Advisors. This article is published on Forbes. 6% to a 13% is a 116% increase which is huge.

As a result we will surely see more advisors including cryptocurrency in their portfolios. Some might want to just focus on cryptocurrency like PlanB. On the other hand others might offer more of a diversified portfolio that would include crypto.

Do You Need A Crypto Expert Advisor?

The crypto space is growing very quickly. A lot of cryptocurrencies are out there and there are a lot of gains to be had. However Raoul Pal, one of the founders of Real Vision said a monkey could make money in crypto.

This is because most coins in an uptrend go up all together. So it is hard to get it wrong. However there are some bad bets you can make. For example the token called Squid is a prime example.

Squid was named after the series Squid Game. It was marketed very well. So much so that quite a few investors decided to invest into it. Over a week the token went up over 1000%. However it came crashing down in less than 5 minutes to under 1 cent. Squid was a scam as outlined on the BBC.

You definitely do not want to get caught out in one of these situations. Of course at this point in time Bitcoin and Ethereum are more certain investments. However they still have their ups and down.

Moreover if you plan to invest in other cryptos then it is best to a crypto expert advisor. You can pick either one or follow several.

You should consult a financial advisor and ask him about the recommendations on this page. At a minimum we recommend that you at least follow anyone from our list that is free to follow. Anything else is up to you and your advisor. You can find more free resources and advice on our main crypto buying guides page.

Finding a Reliable Crypto Expert Advisor

As you would expect not all advisors are reliable. This is not to say that the cryptocurrency advisors we recommend are usually right. In fact sometimes they have very different price targets and predictions.

They may not nail long term targets, but it is very hard to get something like that right. Most importantly because there are so many things that could happen in between. Not just within the crypto space itself, but other factors that affect the space from the outside. Additionally analysts have many different models they can use.

Regardless these cryptocurrency advisors are considered some of the best and brightest currently out there. They are some of the most well-known and reliable sources for information you can get about crypto.

The main idea is that their overall thesis is correct. Additionally they are highly regarded by other prominent thinkers in the financial industry. Let us go through them and examine why.

Real Vision Crypto

They are a young company, but their team members are established professionals from different industries. Their most renowned founder and famous spokesperson is Raoul Pal.

Raoul Pal has been incredibly successful within the financial industry. He worked at prominent financial institutions including Goldman Sacks.

Raoul was so successful he retired at 36 and moved to the coast of Spain. Here he was analysing markets and writing for large hedge funds. He is considered one of the best macro analysts. Raoul is a co-founder of Real Vision which is a financial media company.

Real Vision pride themselves on featuring the most prominent thinkers on their platform. Raoul analyses Bitcoin, Ethereum and some altcoins and the crypto space in general.   

The Crypto Vigilante

The Crypto Vigilante is headed by the same people that run The Dollar Vigilante. The two founders are Jeff Berwick and Ed Bugos.

Jeff Berwick is an entrepreneur that founded Stockhouse which is Canada’s most popular financial portal. On the other hand Ed Bugos had various roles as a stockbroker and market researcher. They both left their positions and joined forces to for The Dollar Vigilante.

A lot of prominent thinkers have praised The Dollar Vigilante. That includes for example Doug Casey from Casey Research and Lew Rockwell the founder of the Ludwig von Mises Institute.

Lew Rockwell said that ‘Jeff Berwick is a financial expert and a great writer’.

If you just want information about Bitcoin to HODL then you should subscribe to The Dollar Vigilante. It is a cheaper subscription than The Crypto Vigilante. However if you want to trade more actively then The Crypto Vigilante is what you need.  

Incrementum AG

Incrementum is run by 5 business partners. They are all established professionals with their own achievements within finance. All of them have their strengths. As a result they have settled into roles that enable them to excel at what they do best.

They have previous diverse work experience from reputable institutions before becoming partners at Incrementum AG. Including for example Deutsche bank, UBS and HSBC Trinkaus & Burkhardt (Int’l) SA.

Their experience and work ethic has garnered them many awards. The partners either won awards as individuals. Or the firm won awards for particular funds or the overall best asset management firm. For example the Gamechangers 2021 award, the Global business awards and ACQ5 global awards.  

In the past they have been mostly celebrated within the gold community. However since Bitcoin and crypto have proven themselves they also believe in cryptocurrency.

Essentially they feel that the investment landscape has changed drastically. There is no such thing as a risk-free investment any more.

As a result they offer investments that are more in line with this new paradigm. They like non-inflatable assets. Hence why they combined gold, silver and cryptocurrencies together into a couple of funds.

The Incrementum funds are a great alternative to the other ways of investing in cryptocurrency. This is because the funds are managed for you by the capable hands of the team. Consequently you will not need to do the research yourself.

The managers will make adjustments on the fly as is appropriate at the time. This will leave you more free time to take care of other things as opposed to actively managing your investments.


PlanB likes to keep his identity private hence the pseudonym.

Some people may not like the fact that he uses a pseudonym. However he is Dutch and has disclosed that he has over 25 years of experience as an institutional investor. PlanB is an asset manager and still actively manages billions in assets within a team environment.

From his tweets and his articles on Medium it is clear he is very experienced within finance. Although he is not necessarily a cryptocurrency advisor because after all he is on Twitter. He does however have a macro view and he is an asset manager that understands the market well.

PlanB has fleshed out and explained the models he has used to predict the Bitcoin price in great detail. He did this in a way that no one else has done before. There are very few around the world that are able to do the kind of work he has done.

Moreover to add to his credibility he has been praised by none other than Raoul Pal. Raoul himself admitted he is not capable of fleshing out the stock-to-flow model as PlanB has. In fact Raoul follows PlanB on twitter and likes his tweets.

It is free to follow PlanB on Twitter. It would be good to follow him because you can keep up to date with his thoughts. Additionally you can keep up with what is going on with the Bitcoin price. Moreover it is from someone experienced that clearly understands what is happening much more than most.

Different Products From Different Crypto Expert Advisors

Different cryptocurrency advisors have different products they can offer you. Some are happy to tweet about Bitcoin because they enjoy it. Like for example PlanB.

Real Vision Crypto is also for free. They interview some of the most prominent people in the industry. Real Vision have their expenses to maintain their platform. However they opted to keep things democratic and free to spread knowledge.

You should make the most of it and take advantage of these free resources. Especially if you want to learn things. However you should take their crypto suggestions with a grain of salt. Mainly because Raoul Pal was promoting Luna and it tanked.

Other cryptocurrency advisors do charge their clients. It is up to you if you prefer using a mix of free and paid advice. Or either one of the other.

There is a choice so as you can see what you feel most comfortable with. Whether you would like to be more hands on or hands off with your investments.

Incrementum manage funds for you so you don’t have to figure it out. It might be something that you might want to consider. However this is not for everyone and there are fees associated with these funds.

On the other hand The Crypto Vigilante is also a paid service. However you have to actively manage your own funds. Albeit it is cheaper than Incrementum AG. This is because it is a flat fee as opposed to a percentage fee of your overall portfolio.

If you would like to learn some trading basics to do this you can look up some suggestions. These basics can get you started down the rabbit hole:


Do financial advisors recommend cryptocurrency?

Yes, financial advisors do recommend cryptocurrency. However not all financial advisors are able to offer crypto recommendations. Since crypto is still new, financial advisors need to first learn about crypto before they are able to make any recommendations.

What do experts say about investing in cryptocurrency?

Paul Tudor Jones owns a large hedge fund that manages billions. He is famous for saying that ‘Bitcoin is the fastest horse’. Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency, but there are other cryptocurrencies that crypto experts like. Crypto experts give out some basic common sense tips for crypto investing, but they also guide you on what to invest into.

Is it worth paying for a crypto financial advisor?

In short – yes! Crypto financial advisors can help you understand the market better. They can recommend some good cryptocurrencies. The ones that are solid investments that will do well. A good crypto financial advisor will also cater for when a downturn in the crypto market happens.

Which cryptocurrency is best for long term investment?

It depends on your risk appetite and your finances. If you want something safe that has lasted then Bitcoin and Ethereum are best. However financial advisors will always recommend diversification. You can invest in all sorts of other cryptos. Some are more speculative than others. The cryptos you invest in and the percentage allocation will depend on you as an individual.