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Cryptocurrency Trading: Trading platforms

Why Use a Trading Platform?

Cryptocurrency trading platforms are much better for trading than using a standard exchange. That is because the exchange area has a simplified interface. It is the interface that most people that have no intention of trading would opt to use. For example, if you want to buy Bitcoin an exchange is sufficient. If you want to trade Bitcoin or Dollars against other cryptocurrencies, a trading platform is the best place to do so.

To clarify quite a few exchanges have both an area where to exchange and a cryptocurrency trading area. Both areas are very different from each other.

Trading areas are somewhat more complex than standard exchange areas. When you first look at one you might feel overwhelmed and not know where to start. However really and truly it is not as complicated as it seems.

You will nevertheless need to have a look at some tutorials to figure out how to use them. You can easily find tutorials online for any exchange.

It is good to know that the interface from one trading platform to another are fairly similar. Buttons and tools might be in different places, but the basic options are all there. As a result once you know how to use one it is easier to figure out the others.

Trading platforms are really your best choice if you want to trade. You have a whole range of analytical tools to help you analyse the crypto of your choice.

Cryptocurrency trading platforms are not just great for analytical tools to analyse market charts. Additionally you can benefit from much lower fees as opposed to using a standard exchange area.

Most importantly if you are looking to trade regularly. You can save a lot on fees by using a cryptocurrency trading platform such as Huobi, where discounts on fees work on a sliding scale depending on your trading activity.

Note that there are also different fees for the maker and taker areas on a trading platform. You can check a platforms fee structure to figure out whether it is worthwhile using the maker or taker area.

Selecting a Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

There are a lot of trading platforms that you can use for cryptocurrency trading. We however only recommend using a select few. The select few we actively promote on our trading platforms page have been thoroughly vetted.

So you can be sure that whichever platform you choose is a good platform. They are slightly different from each other so you need to see which one you prefer.  

The cryptocurrency trading platforms are industry standard platforms. This is because they have been designed by traders themselves.

Additionally traders that use the platforms provide feedback to the trading platforms themselves. Like this they can help the company to improve their product. This ensures they meet their standards and work with all the features they need.

Companies are constantly trying to improve their trading platforms. As a result the platforms attracted a lot of traders to use their platform for cryptocurrency trading. Traders like them and hence recommend them.

These platforms are secure. Additionally some of them are very robust. In the sense that if there is a market downturn the platforms will not go down. They can handle large volumes of users on their platform at the same time.

To clarify this is not like most other platforms that have a tendency to lock out traders at crucial moments. You do not want to be stuck outside of your account not able to sell when you want to. Most importantly during a crash when there is market panic.

Bitfinex is great for cryptocurrency trading for this reason. You can check out the Bitfinex review here. It is a robust platform. However they have a high deposit and withdrawal amount of $/€/£ 10,000. So this platform is not for everyone.

Some Trading Platforms Work Differently

Any platform you choose from our list is a good solid cryptocurrency trading platform. All platforms work very similarly to each other. However TradingView works slightly differently to the others.

TradingView is one of the top most recommended trading platforms. You can check out the TradingView review here. TradingView is not just for cryptocurrency trading, but for other tradable assets.

The way TradingView works is that you have to link your TradingView account with a crypto exchange. This is because it purchases and sells through third party accounts. However TradingView provides all the advanced tools for analysing charts.

It has many more tools than standard trading platforms. Hence it is one of the reasons why it is one of the most popular trading platforms.

So if you do not have an account with an exchange you will need to sign up for one. We recommend you use Kraken if you do not already have an account with them. You can check out the Kraken review here.

Kraken is one of the best exchanges with a cryptocurrency trading platform area. They are rated as the most secure cryptocurrency trading platform on the market. In fact you can use Kraken as a trading platform. However TradingView has many more tools for analysis.

You do not have to pick Kraken to sync with TradingView. There are other exchanges you might want to pick. However you have to make sure the exchange is compatible with TradingView So you can sync them.

On the other hand all the other cryptocurrency trading platforms simply depend on you depositing funds into them. They have good tools you need on their platform to trade. You do not need any third parties to be synced with them.

Cryptocurrency Trading: Expert advisors

Some people think cryptocurrency trading is too hard or time consuming. Perhaps they need a helping hand, whether that is to start off or even later on.

There are quite a lot of crypto advisors you can sign to or follow. However not all are reputable. There are a lot of influencers. All they are concerned about is increasing their fan base.

However you want to make sure you follow people that know their stuff. The good news is some people that know their stuff are free to follow.

Free Expert Advisors

There are some people that are talking openly about cryptocurrency. They are not just anybody. They are reputable people that have an established financial background.

These people do not necessarily give cryptocurrency trading tips. However they do let you know how to market is looking overall. Additionally they make forecasts. In fact at times their forecasts are featured on the price predictions page.

These people or firms are well worth following. Especially because they cost nothing to do so. One company is Real Vision Crypto and PlanB who you can follow on Twitter.

Real Vision Crypto focus on the major cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum. Additionally they follow some other cryptocurrencies that are in their view worthwhile or interesting. They are led by one of the founders and spokesperson for the company; Raoul Pal.

On the other hand PlanB focuses on Bitcoin. Although he is private and uses a pseudonym he has 25 years of experience in finance. You can tell because he has extensive knowledge with analysis.

Even Raoul Pal said the way PlanB fleshed out his models was better than Raoul himself ever could.

Paid Advisors

You should definitely follow the free accounts. However there are some paid advisors that you can also opt to sign up to.

These advisors do not provide the same service. The two paid advisors we recommend are Incrementum AG and The Crypto Vigilante.

With The Crypto Vigilante you have to sort out your our cryptocurrency trading account. You will execute trades yourself. All The Crypto Vigilante do is provide some trading tips and advice.

They are quite handy because they produce videos with market updates and articles. The Crypto Vigilante team do this on a regular basis and notify you of any updates via email. With their service you would need to be quite hands on.

The service for advice on cryptocurrency trading may look expensive for some. However the money you could make could outweigh the cost of the subscription. On the other hand it is not as expensive as Incrementum AG. However you do pay for what you get.

Incrementum AG manage your funds for you. You will not need to do any cryptocurrency trading yourself. They are a reputable company based in Lichtenstein that have won numerous awards. They are an asset manager that have several different funds. A couple of funds have crypto.

To clarify Incrementum like assets that are outside the financial system. This means that are into both precious metals and crypto. In fact their two funds that have crypto also have a mix of gold and silver.

One fund is for retail investors and the other is for professional investors. The benefit of giving them your funds is that they actively manage them for you. They change things on the fly when required and adjust accordingly. With Incrementum you are in safe hands.

Cryptocurrency Trading: Price Predictions

Different people have different reasons why they want to view price predictions. The accuracy of predictions from various experts can vary wildly, as you can see from these posts on Bitcoin price predictions 2022 and Bitcoin price predictions 2023.

Some people might want to know the long term outlook or price predictions of certain cryptos. It can help them figure out what the amount of crypto they have already would be worth.

On the other hand some others want to know whether it is worthwhile getting into the space. Whether that would be to invest long term or do some cryptocurrency trading. However some might want to know where Bitcoin or Ethereum prices might end up out of curiosity.

The price predictions page features Bitcoin and Ethereum price predictions. The page is there to show you where market experts think the prices are going to end up.

At the end of the day crypto is a revolution. It is the best innovation in the last 10 years and it is not going anywhere any time soon. So Bitcoin, Ethereum and other select cryptocurrencies are very likely to continue going up in price.

So far Bitcoin has gotten most of the attention in the media. However Ethereum as of late is also getting some more attention. This is a direct result of increasing prices over the years.

A lot of people have been surprised to see how the price of cryptocurrencies have gone up. As a result the attention draws in experts to analyse the space.

Consequently the experts treat cryptocurrencies the same way as other assets. That is why they make price predictions. Additionally at this point there are a several predictions. They use cryptocurrency trading platforms as one of the tools to make these price predictions.

Guru’s Making Predictions

The price predictions that are listed on the page are from reputable sources. Either from large banks or highly regarded people within finance or crypto. These people understand the cryptocurrency space well.

Some past and current sources include for example JP Morgan, PlanB, Citibank and Raoul Pal.

Although some might seem like individuals, they do not usually operate alone. That is to say they are surrounded by a team of individuals with a range of skills. As a result they are able to analyse any asset including cryptocurrency from a variety of different viewpoints.

That is to say not just from a technical perspective using charts on cryptocurrency trading platforms. However also from a historical perspective and by gathering different opinions from the team. They also have a lot of tools, models and economic resources they apply to come up with their predictions.

For example Raoul Pal has some people on his team that contribute to their overall outlook and predictions. Even though Raoul Pal is the face of Real Vision his analysis is based on a collective effort.  

Price Predictions Are Divergent

It is interesting to note that banks and financiers making predictions have the same resources. Including cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Of course they don’t have the same people, but they have people filling in the same roles. Additionally they have the same tools and models.

Regardless they have different price predictions. Sometimes the prices are not even close, but quite far apart as a price range.

With such a price difference some predictions are clearly not going to pan out in the end. In fact most of the people we follow have not been right about the December 2021 price for Bitcoin.

The main thing is that their overall thesis is correct. It is very hard to figure out the market top. Whether that’s timing it right or even with price. No one knows. However some do get close and at times they do adjust their target as the moment draws close. So it is important to keep track of what experts in the market are saying.


Which cryptocurrency is best for trading?

Usually traders prefer to pick the most volatile financial assets to trade. This is because they can get large returns. However although you can have large returns you can also have large loses.

Can you make a living trading crypto?

You can make a living trading crypto. However there are few successful traders. You have to really know what you are doing to successfully trade crypto for a living. When the market is up you will do well, but beware when the market turns. Usually it is better to invest for the long term than to deal with short term price fluctuations.

How much do crypto day traders make?

Not all crypto day traders make the same amount of money. Firstly it depends on their skill and secondly it depends on how much they invest.  

What is the next crypto to explode?

No one knows which crypto is going to explode next. The most important thing is to make sure you select the right crypto to invest or trade. You could have a look at what some crypto experts are eyeing right now.