Major cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most well-known cryptocurrencies. However there are some other projects on the horizon that will join their ranks in future.

So far there is Bitcoin and Ethereum that most know as the major cryptocurrencies. However there are quite a lot of cryptos outperforming Bitcoin as you can see in the link.

This of course does not mean that all of them will succeed to become major cryptocurrencies. There are always scams that come out of nowhere and take their 15 minutes of fame.

Like for example the latest one being SQUID. It got pumped up from $0.01 on the 26th October to $2,850 by the 1st November. Once SQUID reached its high it had an epic crashed to $0.002 five minutes later according to Cointelegraph.

Another example is the Titan token which got promoted by Mark Cuban. Although Mark is generally a savvy investor, unfortunately he got burned like everyone else as mentioned on CNBC.

Future major cryptocurrencies

The crypto space is still developing so anything could happen. There are a lot of really interesting crypto projects that are getting a lot of attention. Most importantly the space is developing to satisfy a lot of different needs.

It is not just about money and which crypto will be king in the space. There is also DeFi and the Metaverse that open up a whole bunch of new opportunities.

There are a couple of cryptos that are getting a lot of attention. These are Solana and Cardano. Both are doing great, but Solana seems to be winning the race.

What Raoul Pal points out about Solana is benefiting from an incredibly large and talented team. Additionally it is getting adopted thanks to the crypto community backing it. Solana’s chart looks like its following the Ethereum price in its last bull run.

Here is a video of Raoul Pal speaking about the Solana chart. You can go to the 4:07 mark to get right to it:

No one really knows which cryptocurrencies will be part of the major set of cryptos. However so far Solana’s star is shining brightly. Hopefully this project will work out in the long run to become one of the major cryptocurrencies.

If you are interested you can have a look at where and how to buy Solana here.