On the Hunt for BHUNT. Malware Targeting Crypto Wallets

A new malware called BHUNT is making the rounds. It targets browsers to steal information and crypto wallets.

Recently Bitdefender has detected a new type of malware which is called BHUNT. Bitdefender is one of the largest cyber security and anti-virus companies around. Unfortunately this malware targets a couple of things. 

Firstly it is important for the crypto community to know that it targets cryptocurrency wallets. So far BHUNT is affecting Atomic, Bitcoin, Electrum, Ethereum, Exodus, Jaxx and Litecoin wallets.

Unfortunately there is some more bad news. It can harvest information stored on browsers like passwords and cookies as well. As a result hackers can use the information to login to your accounts.   

Various countries around the world have already detected BHUNT malware. The worst affected is India, but there are many other countries that are affected so far. Here is the map of the worst affected countries

Global Distribution of the BHUNT Stealer

Sourced from Bitdefender

What is unique about the software is that it is heavily encrypted. It disguises itself as packaged digitally signed software. However the certificate does not match that of the program.

The most likely source of this malware is cracked software that people use on their system. The best way for you to defend yourself against this kind of attack is to avoid installing software from untrusted sources. Moreover you have to make sure that your security software is up to date. Like this you can prevent any unwanted attacks and safeguard your funds.