The Crypto Vigilante Review


The Crypto Vigilante is a cryptocurrency subscription advising on cryptocurrency trades and suggested coins. They provide newsletters and video recordings analysing Bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies.

Here is why they are being recommended:

  • Their crypto portfolio’s 2021 return is 86% over the previous year
  • Other stock trading/investments are down -27% in 2021, but were up 55% in 2020.
  • Frequent newsletter updates to The Crypto Vigilante subscribers

The Crypto Vigilante Review: Overview

With the Crypto Vigilante subscription you also get access to The Dollar Vigilante subscription. However the two brands focus on different investments.

The Crypto Vigilante focuses solely on crypto whereas The Dollar Vigilante focuses on stocks. Their thesis for both brands is based on the fact that the financial system is getting more unstable. It is building itself for collapse in a kind of 2008 style crisis, but worse.

As a result they encourage their subscribers to invest in assets that will help you do well in this environment. So as you do not go down with the ship.

Additionally the founders are Anarchocapitalists that like freedom. They want money that is separated from state control. Hence why they like cryptocurrencies, especially the privacy coins.

The Dollar Vigilante newsletters do cover what some people describe as ‘wild conspiracy theories’. So it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. However if you can get past that it is highly entertaining and their investment thesis is pretty solid.

The Crypto Vigilante Investment Thesis

One thing you should note is that they do not invest in the latest fads. In fact they had warned about Luna back in the March 2022 newsletter. That is to say before the whole Luna fiasco unfolded in May 2022. Luna lost 100% of its value over 3 days and a lot of investors lost money.

However Mr Z from the team pointed out that Luna was prone to a death-spiral doom loop. He wrote a section in the newsletter explaining how this is possible. Here is a screenshot of a small snippet of the article:

The Crypto Vigilante March 2022 issue snippet

The Crypto Vigilante guys know what they are talking about. They don’t always get their calls on the market right, but they are good.

In fact there isn’t anyone or any team that is as informed as these guys are. This is especially because they have many people on the team that specialise in different fields. As a result they can properly analyse each individual cryptocurrency from all angles.

The Crypto Vigilante are principled and stand for freedom and advocate privacy. Hence they suggest a lot of privacy coins.

The Crypto Vigilante portfolio is diversified to mitigate risk. Percentage allocations of how much of a particular crypto they bought are made available to subscribers. In their videos they get into specifics of what and when to buy and when to sell.

They give Bitcoin the centre of attention because it dictates the market. However they do cover their other picks in their videos as well. 

In their portfolio there is of course a significant allocation to Bitcoin. That is apart from another ten plus other cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrencies they selected are there for various reasons over and above all others. They have sound fundamentals which they believe will set them up for large gains in the future. 

Do They Provide Anything for Free?

They are on a number of online platforms where you can see different team members talk. These videos are shared publicly online. They tend to walk around and talk to the camera or show charts and talk about price action.

It will give you a taster of what they are about and may help you decide whether you like what they have to say. You can pick your preferred platform by clicking the links below.



What Do They Provide on Sign Up?

The Crypto Vigilante provides access to not only the Crypto Vigilante, but also limited access to The Dollar Vigilante. They supply newsletters and videos. So it is up to you to sign up to a trading platform to trade based on their recommendation. There are a number of recommended trading platforms that can be used.  

Free Publications

Once you sign up to The Crypto Vigilante you full access plus limited access to The Dollar Vigilante. In the Crypto Vigilante area on the site you will find some free publications. There are 5 publications in total:

  • The Crypto Vigilante manifesto
  • Crypto cleaning tutorial
  • The difference between trading and investing
  • Becoming invisible: Anonymous exchange tutorial
  • Vigilante crypto asset evaluation secrets
  • Bitcoin basics: A guid for cryptocurrency newcomers

Unlock Secret Cryptocurrency Suggestions

The team first analyse the cryptocurrencies they are interested in. Once they have a winner which they believe is solid and will do well, they will send out an announcement. At first they keep their suggestions closely guarded and only make them available to paid subscribers to benefit.

Eventually they disclose some of their crypto picks publicly online. However it would be after a long time so their subscribers would have had time to benefit from their announcement. In fact usually the cryptos go up by a good percentage amount before they do so.

The team members have in-depth knowledge of the industry with many valuable connections. As a result the suggestions they provide are quite close to what you can consider insider knowledge. It has helped them grow their own portfolio and will help you to grow yours.

In their content they openly disclose:

  • 5+ relatively unknown cryptocurrencies that they feel will perform
  • 10+ cryptocurrency suggestions


  • Bitcoin gained around 1,317,000% since 2011 when they originally suggested to purchase it
  • Ethereum gained around 60,300% from when they originally suggested to purchase it 

The Cyrpto Vigilante got created by the same people running The Dollar Vigilante. Innitially cryptocurrency was covered on The Dollar Vigilante, but as time went by there was so much going on within the crypto space the founders decided to split the two sections.  

The ethos behind The Crypto Vigilante is the same as what drove the decisions to originally create The Dollar Vigilante. Austrian economic prinicples have guided the founders, this is why they feel that sovereign currencies will hyperinflate. 

Due to this reasoning they are big on gold, silver and cryptocurrencies, which act as a safe haven hedge against Central bank inflationary policies. This is one reason why their portfolio has done so well. 

How the Crypto Vigilante Pick Cryptos

There is no one picking cryptocurrencies to invest into in the way these guys do. In fact they have hired team members accordingly to have the resources to analyse a crypto for basic fundamentals.

They believe in focusing on what they call the three pillars of crypto. That is to say they focus on fundamental analysis, technical analysis and operational security.

Fundamental analysis is about the crypto itself. It is about the purpose of the cryptocurrency and how its blockchain is built. So it needs to be secure and robust.

Technical analysis is all about the market trends. New cryptocurrencies do not have the benefit of history. However there are other cryptos that the Crypto Vigilante team can compare them to. Like this the team can get an idea of where they could end up.

Lastly operational security is about how to stay secure and private with crypto. As mentioned the team consider privacy sacrosanct. As a result they want to make sure third parties keep their noses out of your business online. Like this third parties will never find out who you are transacting with and by how much.

Of course there are some other cryptos that are not private that they promote. Like for example Bitcoin and some others that they like to trade. However the new team is only looking at new coins with this lens.

Who is Behind The Crypto Vigilante 

The Crypto Vigilante keep expanding their list of team members. Up until not long ago they were only 5 team members. As mentioned they are getting more resources to analyse cryptocurrencies with their three pillars approach.

Most of them go by their pseudonyms. If you consider they are into privacy this should come as no surprise. Most of them are all called “Mr” and have a letter behind their title so it can get rather confusing. However they after a while of following them on video you will figure out who’s voice you are listening to.

Here are their team members:

Jeff Berwick – Editor-in-Chief

Jeff Berwick is one of the founding partners and the main personality that is seen online on behalf of The Dollar Vigilante. He is the entrepreneur behind the creation of Stockhouse, which is said to be Canada’s number one financial portal. He went on to sell it and eventually started The Dollar Vigilante in 2010. Jeff believes in anarcho-capitalism. 

Ed Bugos – Director or Research

Ed Bugos is a founding partner and senior analyst. He started his investment professional career working at Howe street in one of Vancouver’s leading brokerage firms in 1989. Ed has made some good calls and predicted bull markets as well as bear markets. 

Rafael Laverde – Crypto Economic Analyst

Rafael Laverde had a role to play in the BitAngels Network which partly funded most of the early Bitcoin startups. The DApps Fund team also counted on him to help revolutionised funding for the benefit of the ICOs and STOs being created. He has been mining Bitcoin since 2014.

Mr. X – Technical Crypto Analyst

Mr. X’s university degree is in Business and IT systems. He has additional knowledge in computer science, information security, networks and programming. He is an equities trader and early Bitcoin and Monero adopter.  

Mr. W – Crypto Market Technician

Mr. W has a bachelors double major degree in economic and political science and an MBA focusing on finance and investments. He has accumulated 10 years of trading and technical analysis experience. Mr. W is an early Bitcoin and Monero adopter and altcoin miner.  

Mr. A – Crypto Market Technician

Mr. A has quite a lot of accumulated knowledge in different disciplines. He graduated in molecular biology, but has many other certifications including IT and networks and security. He used to be a security consultant and consulted crypto mining companies and hedge funds that required custody solutions. Mr. A analyses the markets with Mr W on pre recorded videos which they send to The Crypto Vigilante subscribers.

Mr. Z – Crypto Asset Analyst

Mr. Z is a former Wall Street trader that lost faith in the integrity of financial markets. So much so that he left the industry. He ended up stumbling upon Bitcoin which gave him hope. He thought it may be the start to bring in a better more honest and equitable world. As a result he did blockchain analysis and ended up advising many crypto investors.

Mr. Y – Crypto Asset Analyst

Mr. Y’s came from the fields of engineering and economics. He is a passionate about privacy and consulting investors. His main focus is crypto consulting high net worth individuals and he is a crypto writer. Additionally he has a knack for finding vulnerabilities in technological solutions.

Mr. P – Operational Security Expert

Mr. P is an established operational security expert and behaviour analyst. He believes in liberty and will do anything to maintain his freedom including studying and practicing natural law. Mr. P teaches advanced cryptographic systems to establish privacy across different technologies. He is also a founding partner and advisor in PrivacyArms a privacy enhancement project.

The Crypto Vigilante Review: Conclusion

To conclude The Crypto Vigilante review we feel that The Crypto Vigilante is a good subscription. Some people do view it as expensive. However if you actively trade you can make more than the money you pay for the subscription.

At times they might tell you to sit and wait if the market is uncertain. So they do not always advise to buy the dip. Moreover they do disclose the percentage allocations of each crypto they are invested into. So if you like you can adopt the same strategy.

Some people might like all their content including the ‘wild conspiracies’ the Dollar Vigilante talk about. However if you are not and you can get past that, they have great content.

I personally have had a subscription with them for years. So far I am happy with their crypto picks and have done well with their suggestions. I also really look forward to when I get an email in my inbox from Ed Bugos.

As the director of research he is definitely one to keep an eye out for. He does not send out emails that often. However when he sends some information about Bitcoin you should take note of what he says.

As we know Bitcoin tends to pull the rest of the crypto market with it. So I keep track of where he thinks it’s going. Of course there are no certainties in a market. However he will let you know the chances.


Who is behind The Crypto Vigilante?

The Crypto Vigilante is run by the same guys as The Dollar Vigilante. The only difference is that The Crypto Vigilante have many more staff members to analyse cryptocurrencies.

What does The Crypto Vigilante offer?

The Crypto Vigilante notify subscribers of new cryptocurrencies they believe will do well and provide crypto market updates. They send monthly TCV newsletters, TCV Portfolio updates and crypto alerts. The crypto alerts will notify you of what is happening in the market and whether to expect an uptrend of downtrend.

How often do The Crypto Vigilante suggest cryptos?

The Crypto Vigilante does not suggest cryptocurrencies that often. They are very cautious what to recommend to subscribers. Especially since quite a few cryptos are scams or do not meet their stringing requirements.

How long has The Crypto Vigilante been around?

The Crypto Vigilante got created because there was so much going on in the crypto market. Cryptocurrencies were covered on The Dollar Vigilante before they decided to set up The Crypto Vigilante to focus solely on crypto. The team members have been in crypto for over 10 years and know the market well.